Every energy project should start with an assessment of where your energy usage and costs are coming from. This allows you to establish a baseline from which to measure progress.

Our audits vary in depth depending on your needs and conform to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) levels 1 and 2.  ASHRAE is the current best practice in Ireland.
We pride ourselves on concise, easy to read energy audit reports that provide clear guidance on what energy upgrade measures and schedules most closely match your specific needs.

We use proprietary energy-audit software to:

• Analyse your energy bills (secured prior to site visit)
• Collect audit data during a site visit
• Generate a list of energy efficiency opportunities ranked by Return on Investment (R)
• Analyse energy use per energy service / dept. - e.g. lighting, heating, catering, etc.
• Provide an easy to read audit report within 5 days of site visit (Ashrae level 1 or 2)
• Store all audit data securely in the cloud

Please note that a site audit is mandatory for SEAI funding programmes such as Community Energy Grants (CEG).

ASHRAE Audit Level 1
Walk-Through Analysis:

A basic audit involving a review of utility bills and a walkthrough of the facility. This level is adequate to determine energy measures for grant applications and to assess whether a more detailed audit is necessary.

ASHRAE Audit Level 2

 Energy Survey and Analysis:

This includes the ASHRAE Level 1 analysis, but adds detailed energy calculations and financial analysis of proposed energy efficiency measures. Energy consumption is broken out by end-use, identifying areas which present the greatest efficiency opportunities, financial and non-financial goals, utility provider rates comparisons and includes interviews and insights with key internal stakeholders. This level of detail is adequate to justify project implementation.