FutureFit has helped commercial and community organisations to successfully secure SEAI Community Energy Grant (CEG) funding since 2012. We have a 100% SEAI inspection pass rate.

Community Energy Grant (CEG)

The CEG is Ireland’s national retrofit initiative aimed at upgrading building stock and facilities to high standards of energy efficiency and renewable energy usage.

Funding rates are 30% and 50% for commercial and community organisations respectively. Residential and public sector projects also qualify. Most energy retrofit projects are eligible with the exception of oil or gas boiler upgrades (or any upgrade that uses fossil fuel). Energy monitoring, project design and other projects costs, including our project coordination fees are also eligible costs for the purposes of the grant.

A key to our success is striking the correct balance between community and commercial beneficiaries for each of our applications. We match sustainable energy communities (SEC’s), sports clubs and other not-for-profit community projects with commercial energy upgrades to optimise innovative partnerships and funding as required by the application process.

SEAI requires an energy audit for each site applying for a grant under the CEG programme. FutureFit can help with this. See “Energy Audit” page for more information.

Grant Timeline (to be confirmed by SEAI for 2021 Community Energy Grant)