Primary (Stage 1) Application Material

On this page you will find download links to all the relevant documents you require to make your (Stage I) Partnership Application to SEAI. Here you will find the SEC Handbook, the 3 SEAI application forms you need for Partnership, supporting financial documents, application templates and guidelines plus best in-class examples from other communities around the country.
You can also visit the SEAI partnership website at this link.

The SEC Handbook is intended to inform and guide you on your journey to becoming a Sustainable Energy Community. It sets out the various supports that are available to your SEC based on the three key steps of SEAI’s Learn-Plan-Do approach.

The Energy White Paper outlines 'Ireland's Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future 2015-2030'

Three documents, the Partnership Application Form,  the Community Charter and Competency Assessment need to be submitted to SEAI when your SEC decide to start an Energy Master Plan in your community.

Once your Partnership application is approved, a letter of offer is issued by SEAI for your Energy Master Plan funding.

Supporting (Stage 1) Application Material

EC Regulation 1407/2013 deals with 'de minimis' aid and sets a limit on how much assistance can be given to organisations without the prior approval of the EU Commission. The current limit for a company, or group, irrespective of size or location, is €200,000 over a three year period.

Your organisation must complete a Declaration of Financial Resources and have acess to the full cost of the project outlined in the application in advance. These agreed expenses will be refunded to your organisation on compleation of all works.

You will also be required to supply Bank Account details (for depositing the grant) and a VAT letter form Revenue – if required.

(Stage 1) Application Reference Material

FutureFit developed the "Preparing for Partnership" workshop to help Network groups complete the stage 1 application process and apply for funding for their Energy Masterplan (EMP) to begin their SEC Partnership with SEAI. 

The 3 workshops below will help you to complete each of the three SEAI application forms in detail and can be downloaded here along with additional reference material produced by SEAI and FutureFit.

To assist you in your Partnership application process, SEAI provide a number of templates and guidelines to help you in filling out your Partnership Application Form, the Community Charter and the Competency Assessment.

You are also required to estimate your communities time inputs. You can download a form here to help you do this.

SEAI require you to provide a high level estimate of the total energy spend in your community.
We offer a Simple Energy Spend calculator to help you estimate this across a range of different user types in your area. SEAI also provide a more Complex Energy Spend calculator for your research. 

SEAI also offer the EMP Register of Opportunities tool that enables you to record the energy saving opportunities in your community, based on what data you collect. 

(Stage 1) Case Studies and Best in Class Application Forms Submitted by other SEC Communities.

There are now over 50 groups nationally embarking on their Energy Masterplan Partnership with SEAI. As with all Networks, there are best in class examples of how to complete your paperwork.
Here you can download Best in Class examples of Energy Masterplan Funding Applications and Community Charters from groups all around the country.

A BER makes the energy performance of a home visible, allowing you to take energy performance into consideration. This SEAI report identifies potential energy performance improvements that could lead to better comfort levels, reduced energy use and costs.