BEC 2018

Financial, Technical & Certification - document download page

In order for the works to be 100% completed we need to submit both financial and technical documents to SEAI for a job to be defined as fully finished. All financial documents need to be submitted to SEAI using a standard format. For this reason we are providing you with templates below.

It is imperative that all financial and technical documents are uploaded to SEAI (via FutureFit) without delay. Failure to do so could mean your grant is at risk.

1. Invoice from your contractor for the works carried out. This invoice template will provide your contractor with guidance for all relevant information required.

1. Template invoice.pdf

2. Beneficiary Bank statement highlighting payment for the works identified in the invoice - amounts paid must match amounts on invoices received.
2. Template statement.pdf

3. A receipt letter from contractors confirming payment - the attached template should be completed by each contractor after payment is received.

3. Template Receipt.docx

SEAI will carry out site inspections following completion of works. All technical documents relating to the measures carried out need to be submitted in advance of inspections.

This Excel spreadsheet outlines all technical and certification documents required for all BEC upgrade measures.

Certification for BEC 2018 R6.xlsx