FutureFit works with community, commercial and public sector clients to help them understand where their energy costs are coming from and what to do to reduce them over time.

Services – We provide energy assessment, live-monitoring, project management and funding services as well as energy training and mentoring.
We work with clients to identify which actions, investments, technologies and processes best fit near and longer term goals while working with stakeholders to generate commitment and maintain progress and enthusiasm.

Our Business Case – Placing energy efficiency and sustainability at the centre of how organisations operate significantly lowers bills in the short term while boosting efficiency, brand, customer and investor loyalty over the medium term.

Our Approach – We recognise that we have to start small, generating value and efficiency in very tangible and measurable ways. Over time stakeholders recognise the added value of integrating efficiency measures more deeply into organisational culture. This is where the real value can be unlocked, where commitment to progress becomes mission led and where genuine leadership and innovation emerges to position the organisation as a clear leader in it’s community for an energy efficient and sustainable future.